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Copy Traders’ FOLLOWME Records 9% Profit Increase in Q3 2020

Third-quarter results by FOLLOWME support the continued positive effect of COVID-19 in the forex market. The social trading platform recorded an average of 25.5% profitable accounts from its community of active brokers. The figure represents a 3% point increase from the first six months of 2020.

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Leading the Trend, FOLLOWME Opens New Doors to Global FX Trading

With the development of globalization, the foreign exchange investment attracts more and more attention. Under this background, Folllowme was born and grew rapidly to become the leading forex trading community in the world.

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Big data fusion, FOLLOWQUANT forges a new era of quantitative trading

Quantitative trading is spearheading to disrupt financial technology. Compared to traditional manual trading, it can avoid emotional operations to arrive at a more efficient positions management, automates trading strategies and result in a more sustainable and stable returns.

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Secrets behind FOLLOWME — What makes it a world’s leading social trading network

A good social trading community service is your true friend We all know that Investment and trading are comprised of lot of important elements, and sometimes to be successful in it, you might need help from others. Some traders learnt from books, some learnt from paid educations, some learnt from professional traders, and there is one more important way to learn, is from the social trading networks. You can find a lot of good traders from the user-defined search and ranking features in this community. On the other hand, the social trading network connects you with other good traders for one vital purpose — copy trading, a new, modern and more efficient way to participate the financial markets trading activities. The copy trading technology links the trader and followers (it can be you) account so that when the trader’s account trade, the followers account will be trading automatically. Therefore, follower not only share the long practised and proven trading strategies of the traders but also enjoy the higher possibility of having a better trading performance done by the traders you linked your own trading account with. A good social trading network service is your true friend in your trading life!

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FOLLOWME Brings the Next-Gen AI Social Trading Network

Social trade has always played an important role in today’s trading industry. It creates a connected community of savvier private investors. They can not only Copy-Trade the excellent traders’ signals but also learn and communicate with the professional traders via the social trading community.

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