The S9 champions of the first month appeared, let's witness the glorious moment of these 2 crowns together!

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All of a sudden, the imTrader Trading Contest S9 has been going on for more than a month and each participant's results are improving dramatically. After a month of hard work, we would like to announce our 2 excellent champions in the first month. Until November 1, the number of participating accounts in the contest exceeded 420, and the equity of the participating accounts exceeded 5,874,368 USD. The prize for the champion of each group is 25 USD equal to 250 FCOIN (refer to the rule of rewards here)

There is no need for the threshold and creating a new account to enter the contest. As long as you have an MT4 account, you can join the competition and share the rewards.

The S9 will last for about three months, and the competition time is from September 27, 2021 to January 1, 2022. During the entire season, only the monthly champions of the first and second months will be selected. After the contest is over, the first, second, and third place will be selected directly, and the prize will be as high as 5,000 USD. Join the contest, you can not only get huge prizes, but also get the highest honor, and get to know thousands of outstanding trading experts in the world.

Without further ado, we will witness the appearance of the 2 first-month champions of the S9!


The S9 champions of the first month appeared, let's witness the glorious moment of these 2 crowns together!

Micro Account Group

@Jason M: Congratulation on winning the first-month champion with a score of 74.32

(Stand out from 77 micro participating accounts of Global Division)

His #2 account has an equity of 5,041.72 USD. He entered the contest on October 8, 2021. During this month, he closed 237 orders and made a profit of 423.08 USD. Since the day he joined the competition, he has always kept increasingly profitable every week. At the end of the month, he became the top of the micro account leaderboard.


Large Account Group

@Mr Mushroom: Congratulation on winning the first-month champion with a score of 78.

(Stand out from 11 large participating accounts of Global division)

His #13 account with an equity of 144,882 USD, participated in the competition on September 28, 2021. During this month, he closed 6014 orders and made a profit of 79,352.78 USD. He mainly trades on EUR/USD. Through stable performance, he finally won the first-month championship of the large account group.


It’s easy to be on the list, but hard to keep on the list. We would love to see you in November champion announcement!


Want to join S9 contest, click here to find out:

Furthermore, to achieve the goal that excellent traders would comment on the contest with their extensive knowledge so that more traders could learn a variety of trading skills better, starting from #imTraderTradingContest# S9, we set up a contest summary with the theme of “Watching the Trading Contest with you” with attractive rewards for outstanding comments. Click here to join:

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