FOLLOWME APP Update: New experience of interact, new entrance for live

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There are 2 moths past from the last update and now let’s know about the FOLLOWME 6.6.6 Version Update Description, let’s check the surprise~


※New homepage carousel※

In the old version, the fixed banner at the bottom of the top of the homepage was changed to a large-picture carousel banner and still at the top of the homepage. Not only make you a better vision experience, but also know the event more clear at a glance.

FOLLOWME APP Update: New experience of interact, new entrance for live


※Add an entrance for live-streaming room※

FOLLOWME live is positioned to "focus on high-quality content in the industry". The partner includes high-equality brokers, well-known institution and academy, excellent traders and so on.

FOLLOWME APP Update: New experience of interact, new entrance for live


It doesn’t matter if you missed the live, we will edit each live into a video for everyone to watch back. Know more details, please check #FOLLOWMELive#.


In addition to the above-mentioned homepage carousel and live position that can feels strongly, the update also has some optimizations on picture display and performance that will not be elaborated too much. You can experience it z in daily use.


The 6.0.6 version has been put on the shelves of application stores, and you can also download the latest version in the left navigation bar on the WEB side-More.

If you have any advice or suggestions about this version, please leave a message in the comment, I will pass it on to the developer, see you in the next version!

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