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#S9ContestReview# I have connected my account with the contest. But I am not getting Ranking. I have score which is changing daily but my name does not appear in Ranking yet. I have contacted support team by email but there is no response from them even after 3-4 emails. Please look into matter urgently. Thank you.

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Thank your for your paricipation the event #S9ContestReview#, but you don' t get enough words, looking forward for your next post~Know more about #S9ContestReview#:"
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Hi, cus the broker was removed from that list, the full list click here:
Also it clearly says - As long as you have an MT4 trading account, you can participate.
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Hi, "As long as you have an MT4 trading account, you can participate." and you had participated in the competition now. We had mentioned in the 9.5 of imTrader Trading Contest Rules, so that you may not be displayed on the Ranking. Click to know more about the rules: